Quebec's liquor board is toying with the idea of opening up SAQ outlets in supermarkets.

The Société des Alcools du Québec’s pilot project, which it is calling "a shop in a shop", would see anywhere between two and six SAQ outlets inside the stores of one of Quebec’s major grocery chains by next year.

SAQ spokesman Renaud Dugas said the board was inspired by a recent experience in Quebec City where it stocked a neighbouring Loblaws with wine and hard liquor while one of its SAQ stores was undergoing renovations.

Dugas said people loved it.

“Our customers greatly appreciated this experience of having everything under the same roof,” Dugas said.

In addition to beer and wine already in grocery aisles, the in-store SAQs would offer up to 500 finer wines and spirits.

“We are trying more and more to be close to the grocery stores. For the pilot (project), we will be inside — under the same roof — but with our own employees.”

Dugas says the SAQ approached Quebec's three main grocery chains — IGA, Metro and Loblaws.

None of them are on board yet.