Montreal police have confirmed to CBC that two more muggings have taken place in Saint-Henri since the start of December.

Both of the muggings happened on Sunday night and were about 15 minutes apart.

This comes after an attack on Dec.1 which left a 22-year-old man with injuries to his eyes, jaw and nose. Since then residents say they're worried about the neighbourhood's safety.

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Montreal police are telling residents to avoid walking alone in unlit areas at night and to keep electronics hidden. (Corinne Smith)

2 different altercations, 1 night 

According to Montreal police Cmdr. Pierre Liboiron, a man was walking on Notre-Dame Street West around 6:35 p.m. when he was approached by a group of young people.

They began to hit him and attempted to take his cell phone. The man was able to get away and call 911, but the group managed to take his hat and coat before leaving the scene.

Not long after the first incident, a second man walking on Rose-de-Lima Street near Notre-Dame was attacked by a group. That man was also struck, and the group attempted to take his coat but only managed to get away with his hat.

"The victims did not know each other and were not together," said Liboiron.

Police have reason to believe the two muggings were carried out by the same group because of the proximity of attacks and the timing, added Liboiron, the Verdun commander who is filling in for his colleague responsible for Saint-Henri.

Liboiron could not say if it was same group suspected in the attack on Dec. 1. Police are also looking back at incidents earlier in the fall to see if any other reported events may be related.

andre hobson

André Hobson was attacked Dec. 1 on Notre-Dame Street West. He holds up a picture taken days before the attack. (Elysha Enos/CBC)

Increasing visibility of night patrols

Liboiron said since the first attack at the start of the month, police have increased the visibility of night patrols in Saint-Henri. Police are also working with local community groups and giving residents advice on how to stay safe.

"We're taking this very seriously and working to catch the suspects," he said.

He could not share any identifying details about the suspects, except to say that police are reviewing surveillance footage from the Saint-Henri Metro station and from businesses on the street which may have caught something on video.

As for safety, Liboiron said residents should be vigilant when walking at night. People should also try to avoid walking in unlit areas and be accompanied by someone else if possible. Electronics, such as cellphones, should remain in bags or pockets.

If you find yourself in a confrontation, Liboiron said, you should comply with your attackers' demands and then immediately contact the police.