The town of Saint-Bruno is struggling to protect its only health clinic, as residents fear they may soon have to travel out of town for medical attention.

Two local Saint-Bruno clinics shut down in the past eight months, and a third is set to close next June.

Now the building that houses the town's remaining clinic is scheduled to be torn down next year, to make way for a bigger parking lot.

More than 50 residents turned up at a council meeting this week, to find out how the town plans to keep the clinic open.

Town councillor Marilou Alarie said they are working with the building owner to find other options. 


The building that houses Saint-Bruno's only medical clinic is set to be torn down next year. (CBC)

The building was slated to be replaced with a parking lot, but Alarie says they're doing what they can to encourage the building owner to find another location. 

"We have changed the zoning, we have changed our rules about parking,” she said.

Elizabeth Falls is one of the five doctors at Saint-Bruno's remaining clinic, la Clinique Médical de l'Atelier.

She said she hopes to stay in Saint-Bruno, although she’s afraid she might not have a choice.

“We don't want to leave Saint-Bruno, but unfortunately if we don't find an agreement that suits us we're going to have to go and find somewhere else to work,” she said.