Some seniors living in Rosemère, Que., are upset that their neighbourhood RBC branch located in the heart of their town will be closing to merge with a branch situated 3.5 kilometres away.

"It's a great convenience for everybody in the town to have a central bank, and there are a lot of seniors who will not be able to access the new branch," said Rosemère resident Kathleen Kidd, who has been going to the branch for years.

The branch that is closing is the Royal Bank's Jardins Rosemere Branch, located at 395 Grande-Côte Road. The bank said there are not enough customers to keep it open.

It will be merging with the Labelle & Hwy 640 branch located at 370 Labelle Blvd.

"That branch suits them. This branch suits the residents of Rosemère," Kidd said of RBC's decision.

RBC new branch

Seniors say the new branch they will have to go to for services is dangerous to get to because it's on a busy boulevard with few sidewalks, and situated right next to busy Highway 640. (Google Maps)

Residents said that since the new branch will be more than three kilometres away, they won't be able to walk to the bank anymore. Also, they say, the new location is dangerous to get to because it's near a busy highway and there are few sidewalks.

Kidd and other seniors said that closing the branch in the town's centre will have a big effect on the community.

"We lost our fire department just recently in the last couple of weeks and now we're losing our Royal Bank. So the whole ambiance of the town -- as being a small town with everything here for us -- is making a huge impact," said Margaret Hatfield, another Rosemère resident.

A group of seniors planned to meet with RBC officials Tuesday night to discuss the move of the bank branch.