The shuffle in Philippe Couillard's Liberal government has left high-profile MNA Robert Poëti without a cabinet portfolio. 

A prolific social-media user, Poëti chronicled his time as transport minister on his very active Twitter account. 

Here's a look back at some of the tweets that give us a pretty vivid glimpse into what it was like to be at the top of one of the provincial government's important portfolios.

He was no stranger to tunnels and hard hats.

He was so excited to inaugurate his first highway - the first two sections of A35.

He never shied away from getting his hands dirty for the less fortunate.

Remember the snowy owl that broke the Internet? Well, we have Robert Poëti to thank for that!

He enjoyed promoting green technologies – especially electric vehicles.

He had a deep friendship with Denis Coderre, both being big Habs' fans.

And, he's one of the only politicians who could get away with playing softball in a sport coat.