Robert Gaudette faces new charges in Laval prison escape

Convicted killer Robert Gaudette is facing new charges after escaping from a Laval prison last week.

Gaudette was in prison for murdering wife in 2000

Robert Gaudette was found guilty in the 2000 killing of his wife, Cindy Bouchard. (CBC)

Convicted killer Robert Gaudette appeared at the Laval courthouse Wednesday afternoon to face two new charges following his escape from a federal detention centre, but only one charge will be retained.

The Crown and the defence must decide whether Gaudette will face the stiffer charge of evasion — which could carry a sentence of up to 10 years — or the lighter charge of escaping lawful custody that carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

Gaudette, 55, is facing charges of absconding, attempting escape and being unlawfully at large after he walked away from the Montée St-François institution in Laval last week — a minimum-security prison.

He had been serving a life sentence without possibility of parole before 12 years for the second degree murder of his wife, Cindy Bouchard. He killed her in 2000 and was convicted two years later.

Gaudette was captured and arrested Sunday night in Quebec City, just a few blocks away from the Citadel. He was returned to the prison he escaped from on Monday following an appearance at the Quebec City courthouse.

It is believed that Gaudette escaped via a window during the night of July 28.

A 59-year-old man from Rigaud, Claude Hamelin, was arrested last week for allegedly acting as an Gaudette’s prison-break accomplice.

Gaudette reserved his right to plead guilty.

He is due back in court Aug. 14.