A Quebec judge was forced to temporarily suspend passing sentence on Mohawks who participated in a 2004 riot that drove their chief out of town.

Shouts of "racist," as well as insults and other slurs left Quebec Court Judge Nicole Duval-Hesler unable to finish reading a 12-month jail sentence for Kanesatake Mohawk Robert Gabriel, considered a ringleader in the riot.

Once order was restored the judge resumed passing sentence.

Several others also received jail sentences ranging from one year to 15 months while others were given fines.

In all, 13, Mohawks had been convicted last fall of confinement and participating in a riot.

The community's police station was surrounded and the house of its former grand chief James Gabriel torched in January 2004 when Gabriel assembled a force of aboriginal police to fight organized crime in the community.

Call for inquiry

Grand Chief Steven Bonspille says all the facts surrounding the incident aren't yet known, and he is calling for a public inquiry.

"We are working for a new beginning in Kanesatake, a new time of hope and prosperity, a time of peace," Bonspille said. "However, the issue of those dramatic events keep resurfacing and causing turmoil. My community has suffered greatly from the incident."