After a citizen outcry over a proposed 10 per cent tax hike, Rigaud has decided to put the increase on hold.

The town announced it was going back to the drawing board hours before a special municipal council meeting Monday night, during which many residents thought the increase would be adopted.

"The message that we're passing on to the citizens is that we heard them, we're listening, and we've decided to restart the process," said Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr.

He couldn't say when the new tax rate will be announced, or whether it would be lower than the original proposal.

The municipality's 2018 budget proposal, which was presented last week, showed a proposed base property tax increase of about 10 per cent.

Gruenwald Jr. said the proposed tax increase was needed, pointing to the cost of last spring's flooding and new expenses in the city's budget.

Residents want consultation

Residents filled the room at the meeting — and many were angry.

While there was some relief that the tax hike has been at least temporarily postponed, one resident said he was frustrated by the lack of communication from the town.

Rigaud meeting

Residents of Rigaud, Que., filled the room at a special municipal council meeting to discuss the city's budget tonight. (CBC)

"What's it take to ask us? He can send us a text, we can maybe leave messages on their Facebook page, or at the town hall," said William Bradley.

"It's completely closed off to us."

With files from Matt D'Amours