Months after the spring flooding that damaged thousands of homes in Quebec, many residents of Rigaud, west of Montreal, are still waiting for permits to start their renovations.

"We need those permits, because winter is coming," said Jeannine Landry of the Rigaud citizens' committee.

She said people are becoming frustrated with the delays, but the city is drawing a firm line.

"If people do work on their properties without a permit, there won't be any money to support you," said the mayor, Hans Gruenwald Jr.

The city maintains that it's just following protocol and that many cases are waiting on inspection reports from Quebec's Public Security Ministry.

30 reports filed out of 238 cases

So far, Rigaud has received around 30 reports and has issued four demolition permits and three renovation permits.

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux responded to concerns about the pace of inspections last month.

He said 90 more people were hired to help speed up the process and he promised that residents would have reports in hand within five weeks. 

Coiteux said in July that his ministry was issuing 500 inspection reports per week. 

In the meantime, the City of Rigaud is calling for patience, and warning that anyone undertaking renovations without permission may not be reimbursed, especially if authorities decide the home must be demolished.