A hearing on whether Quebec's accused election-night shooter can obtain legal aid will determine how his criminal trial will proceed next year.

Richard Henry Bain was back in a Montreal courtroom today and found out that a judge has been assigned to deal with the issue of his legal representation.

Bain is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder after an attack at a Montreal club in September 2012 as Premier Pauline Marois celebrated her election victory.

A hearing has been set for Feb. 25 for Bain's proposed lawyer and the Quebec government to argue their case.

The outcome will have an impact on his murder trial.

A judge says the trial will begin in January 2015 if Bain represents himself, while it may begin a little later if he's able to secure a lawyer.

Bain said today he plans to subpoena some 150 witnesses if he represents himself.

He was previously ruled ineligible for legal aid.