Richard Bain given 2 months to find a lawyer

Richard Bain, the man accused in connection with the 2012 Quebec election-night shooting, had to be forced out of the courtroom by security agents at an appearance to set his trial date.

Man accused in election-night shooting disrupts court at appearance to set trial

Richard Bain faces 15 charges in connection with the 2012 election-night shooting at the Metropolis night club. (Radio-Canada)

The man accused in connection with the 2012 Quebec election-night shooting, Richard Bain, had to be forced out of the courtroom by security agents this morning.

The goal of today's hearing was to set a date for his trial on 15 charges, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, arson and weapons violations. 

The charges stem from a Sept. 4, 2012 attack that took place at the Montreal Metropolis night club during the Parti Québécois' victory rally.  Premier Pauline Marois has described the shooting as an attempted political assassination.

Bain has been denied legal aid and says he cannot afford a lawyer because he's $60,000 in debt.

Quebec Superior Court Justice Marc David asked Bain if he wanted to proceed without a lawyer, or if he wanted more time to find one.

"This isn't rocket science. I just want a fair trial," Bain told the judge at one point.

Bain to seek bail?

Bain insisted he does want a lawyer, but he said it will be hard to find one while he's in jail.  He asked for David's help in finding one.

"It's your obligation to find counsel," the judge, who at one point angrily ordered the accused to stop interrupting him, told Bain.

"It is not my duty. It is not my obligation. It is not my role to find you counsel."  

Bain then said he wanted to seek bail in order to find a lawyer.

Once again, David told him he had to follow the proper procedures and file a written application to request bail — adding it is not his role to help him through those legal procedures.

David gave Bain until Nov. 4 to find a lawyer and said if Bain doesn't have counsel by then, a trial date will be set. He then excused the defendant, but Bain wasn't ready to leave the courtroom.

Bain raised his voice, directing a plea to everyone in the courtroom — saying what happened to David Courage, who was injured in the election shooting shooting, was a tragedy.

"This man is suffering. He's in pain. He needs money," Bain said. "He's in a depression."

"Please raise funds to help this man and his family," Bain continued.

Courage is still recovering from injuries he suffered that night. His fellow stagehand, Denis Blanchette, was killed in the shooting.

"For now there is no trial date," Crown prosecutor Jean-Pascal Boucher said outside the courtroom. 

Bain "could ask for legal aid. I don't know what he will do.… As Crown prosecutors, we don't intervene in this situation."