Revenu Québec fires ex-cop allegedly linked to Hells Angels

Revenu Québec has fired retired Montreal police officer Benoit Roberge from his job as the head of the ministry's information service in the wake of his arrest for allegedly leaking information to the Hells Angels.

Bail hearing for Benoit Roberge, charged with gangsterism and other counts, postponed until Oct. 17

Ex-Montreal police investigator Benoit Roberge arrived at a Montreal courthouse today in a police van with an escort. (Radio-Canada)

Revenu Québec has fired retired Montreal police officer Benoit Roberge from his job as the head of the information service for the provincial ministry.

The former sergeant-detective was arrested last Saturday for allegedly leaking information to the Hells Angels while he was a police investigator specializing in organized crime.

Roberge has been working for Revenu Quebec since March 11.  On Monday, he was temporarily suspended from his duties.

Bail hearing postponed

Roberge arrived at the Montreal courthouse today under tight security, his prison van flanked by several police cruisers.

His bail hearing was postponed until Oct. 17, after his lawyer withdrew from the case. 
Roberge allegedly sold information on open police cases to the Hells Angels. (Radio-Canada Archives)

Roberge faces two charges of gangsterism and one count each of obstruction of justice and breach of trust. 

Prosecutors said they oppose Roberge's release on bail because of the seriousness of the charges and fears the case could be compromised if he is out of custody. 

Yesterday, Montreal's police chief, Marc Parent. said Roberge's alleged actions may have comprised some investigations involving the biker gang and said the charges have shaken former colleagues.

"The only consolation that we have is that he's behind bars, but we still have to work a better way of control," said Parent.

Roberge has testified in a number of trials throughout his career, including cases involving biker gangs such as the Rock Machine and Hells Angels.

An incriminating conversation allegedly taped by a high-ranking Hells Angel member, René Charlebois helped lead to the retired police officer's arrest, several weeks after Charlebois' apparent suicide.

Quebec provincial police said an investigation into information leaks from inside the Montreal police force led them to Roberge.

Collateral damage

Meanwhile, Roberge's wife, Nancy Potvin, a Crown prosecutor who specializes in organized crime cases, has been temporarily relieved of her duties.

She met with provincial police earlier this week, after her husband's arrest.

Quebec's chief Crown prosecutor, Martine Bérubé, said in a statement Wednesday that the director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) does not have reason to believe Potvin was involved in any wrongdoing.


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