Retired entrepreneur testifies Vaillancourt was the boss

Retired entrepreneur testifies about poor quality asphalt and an entrenched system of collusion.

Gilles Théberge says ex-Laval mayor would regulate disputes among companies

Gilles Théberge appearing before the Charbonneau Commission (CBC)

A retired construction entrepreneur has told the inquiry that there was an entrenched system of collusion in Laval involving more than 20 companies.

Gilles Théberge testified that whenever there was a dispute amongst the companies, they would go to "the boss."

When asked by a Commission lawyer to identify the boss, Théberge replied it was Gilles Vaillancourt, the former Laval mayor.

Earlier in the day, Théberge talked about the poor quality of asphalt that was used on Laval and Montreal roadways.

CBC's Steve Rukavina talked with Homerun's host Sue Smith about Théberge's testimony on Monday at the Charbonneau inquiry.