Although Canada's effort to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees is underway, the migrant advocacy group Solidarity across Borders wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do more.

The group protested Sunday in front of Trudeau's Papineau riding office in Villeray. It had a simple message: Let in more refugees – and not just from Syria.

"Right now we're letting in refugees based on strategic immigration policies. It's prioritizing those that we want, when we should be welcoming all refugees and immigrants," said Eamon Toohuy, one of the participants.

The group also spoke out against Islamophobia, saying some segments of Canadian society are fearful of Muslim refugees.

SINs for all: protesters

The group is also calling for undocumented migrants already in Canada to be given the same treatment as those, like the new arrivals from Syria, who have been granted permanent residency status.

The 161 Syrian refugees who arrived in Montreal late Saturday received social insurance numbers as soon as they were processed, so that they will be able to start the hunt for legal work as soon as they are on their feet.