The agency that advises the government on reducing waste wants Quebec to at least double deposit fees on beverage containers.

Deposits on bottles and cans haven't gone up since the system was introduced 30 years ago.

Recyc-Québec is recommending the deposit on cans go up from 5 to 10 cents.

It also wants the province to put a deposit on plastic water bottles, tomato juice cans and other containers that currently don't have one.

Quebec Environment Minister David Heurtel says while the government is looking into modernizing the recycling system, nothing has been decided yet.

Karel Ménard, executive director of environmental group Front commun québécois pour une gestion écologique des déchets, says the increased fees would keep more trash out of the landfills.

"The best way to recover the bottles and the cans with water and sodas in it is a deposit. And five cents is not enough," he said.

"It was enough 30 years ago. But now it should be at least 10 cents."

So far wine and liquor bottles are not included in the proposal.