RCMP officer sentenced to life in prison

Mr. Justice John Gomery says RCMP officer Jocelyn Hotte is narcissistic and without remorse.

Mr. Justice John Gomery says RCMP officer Jocelyn Hotte is narcissistic and without remorse.

Gomery made the comment after formally sentencing Hotte to life in prison for murdering his former girlfriend Lucie Gélinas and attempting to murder three of her friends last year.

Judge Gomery asked Jocelyn Hotte if he had anything to say before passing sentence. Hotte answered, "No, thank you."

The response followed a five-minute exchange between the judge and Hotte's lawyer.

'Is that too much to ask?'

Gomery told the court Hotte seems to feel everything is about him. In other cases, the judge says he has heard of victims sending letters of apology to their victims. But from Hotte: nothing, he noted.

"Is that too much to ask? Some kind of apology seeking forgiveness for the terrible hurt he's caused? No words of regret," Judge Gomery noted.

Gomery says Gélinas, a mother of three, didn't deserve her terrible end.

The three men in the car she was driving when Hotte fired all suffered psychological and physical wounds; one of them is now paraplegic.

The automatic sentence for anyone convicted of first-degree murder is 25 years without a chance for parole.

For wounding the man who became a paraplegic, Hotte was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Hotte was sentenced to 15 years in the cases of the other two men.

Pierre Mainville, David Savard and Hugues Ducharme came to the court house for sentencing arguments.

One victim, Hugues Ducharme says he's thinking about working with other victims of crime. Ducharme says the idea came from speaking to the other two victims. "I can see the value of talking about what happened." he says.


Hotte shot and killed Lucie Gélinas during a high-speed chase on Montreal's Metropolitain Boulevard on June 23, 2001.

The RCMP officer was convicted of first-degree murder on Friday.

The defence tried to prove Hotte was not in control of his actions because he was overworked, exhausted and depressed.

The prosecution said depression is no excuse for murder.

Hotte was also convicted of three charges of attempted murder.

Gélinas's three passengers were wounded when Hotte pumped at least 15 pistol rounds into her car while speeding along a Montreal highway.