Hollywood actor Randy Quaid is a free man again after an Immigration and Refugee Board judge ruled Thursday that he is not a flight risk.

The Canadian Border Service Agency arrested Quaid in Montreal Tuesday because agents believed that he would be a flight risk, but the judge at a detention review hearing Thursday disagreed. 

Quaid is already facing a removal order for October 14.

Quaid and his wife Evi, a Canadian citizen, have been living in Montreal since February 2013.

​Robert Gervais, an official with the Immigration and Refugee Board, confirmed in an email to CBC News that a detention review hearing for Quaid is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

But the reason for the actor's arrest is unclear.

Quaid, 64, was detained Tuesday morning after attending a regular check-in with CBSA officials in downtown Montreal.

Quaid's lawyer, Mark Gruszczynski, declined to shed light on the affair or to reveal the reason for Quaid's arrest.

The Quaids applied for refugee status in Canada in 2010, claiming they were being persecuted in the U.S. and were possible targets of so-called "Hollywood star whackers" intent on killing actors.

Evi Quaid's father was born in Canada and she was granted citizenship in 2012.

Randy Quaid later withdrew his refugee claim and applied for permanent resident status. His immigration application was denied in 2013 due to past accusations of fraud in California, an act that would be considered a Criminal Code offence in Canada.