Quebecer detained in Acapulco on child-sex abuse charges

Reports say the man was arrested Sunday after a passerby allegedly saw him embracing and touching young girls.

Canadian officials in contact with Mexican authorities

Walter Zuk, 68, has been detained in Mexico. (Radio-Canada)

Mexican authorities say a Canadian man is behind bars amid allegations he sexually abused minors on a busy street in Acapulco.

Reports say he was arrested Sunday after a passerby allegedly saw him embracing and touching young girls.

A passerby witnessed the event and filmed the aftermath of the alleged acts, posting the contents online. The accused is confronted by the unnamed witness and repeatedly denies molesting the girls as he sits on a bench.

When confronted by the video-taker as to whether his behaviour is normal, the Canadian replies in Spanish that it is — that he likes them and they like him.

During the video, he appears to kiss one of the girls, a toddler, on the mouth, with the father nearby, before a police officer stops him.

A release from the attorney general in Guerrero state identifies the man as Walter Zuk, 68, and says he is from Quebec.

The video was widely shared in Mexico and one local media reported a small protest against the accused in Acapulco on Monday.

Global Affairs Canada spokesman François Lasalle says the government is aware of a Canadian citizen having been detained in Acapulco, Mexico.

In an emailed statement, he said Canadian officials are in contact with local authorities and are ready to provide consular assistance.

Lasalle said the department could not provide any further information because of privacy laws.