Quebec zoo bouncing with baby tigers, pandas and zebra

The Granby Zoo is experiencing a baby boom of sorts this year.

Young animals will head to other zoos when old enough

Watch the adorable new additions to the Granby Zoo. 2:29

The Granby Zoo is experiencing a baby boom of sorts this year.

The zoo, located about an hour outside of Montreal, is currently home three tiger cubs, three pint-sized red pandas, a tiny zebra and a small snow leopard, all of which were born at the zoo recently.

For now, most of the babies remain out of public view as they grow under the watch of their mothers and zoo workers.

Zoo visitors will be able to see the trio of tigers in a few weeks, but only for a limited time. Like most of the baby animals born at Granby, the young ones will be transferred to other zoos.

Julie Hébert, a biologist at the zoo, said despite their young age, the new animals are often matched up with future mates by this time. That's done to avoid inbreeding in captivity and to ensure the sustainability of the already endangered breeds.

Zoos often exchange their animals to support reproduction. The Granby Zoo welcomed two snow leopards from different facilities this year for that purpose.

The female, Snowflake, gave birth to its baby in June.