The union representing Quebec City's white-collar workers says its members are angry with plans to cut about five per cent of the city's workforce over the next five years.  

Yesterday, Quebec City mayor Régis Labeaume announced his administration would be cutting at least 250 jobs.

The vice president of the union representing Quebec City's white-collar workers, Linda Bélanger, says while the number of workers is going to be reduced, the workload is not.

"Workers are angry because the city wants to maintain the quality of its services but it doesn't want to pay enough workers to do the job," said Bélanger.  

She says residents are going to pay the price.

Meanwhile, Labeaume says he doesn't believe services to residents will be affected at all.

He says the cuts will happen through attrition and some services may be privatized.

Lebeaume says his administration has already cut some 600 jobs and results were outstanding.

To prove his point, Labeaume says for the last two years, a poll by the Forum Research firm has shown citizens of Quebec City are the most satisfied in Canada when it comes to the services offered by their municipality.