Philippe Couillard and his Liberal entourage got a shock on Friday when two topless protesters ambushed a Montreal campaign stop. 

The pair of protesters rushed the afternoon news conference to protest Bill 78passed by the former Liberal government during the 2012 student protests to restrict demonstrations on or near university grounds.

As Couillard walked toward a crowd of supporters waving, two women ran towards him yelling, "Abus du PLQ!"

One of Couillard's aides, who had been walking beside the Liberal leader, quickly jumped in between the women and Couillard, pushing him out of the way.

The activists, who had"Je me souviens" and "Loi 78" written on their bare chests, were quickly escorted away by police.

Two other FEMEN activists also tried to interrupt a Parti Québécois news conference, but were intercepted before reaching party leader Pauline Marois. 

When asked for his reaction to the unexpected demonstration at the Liberal event, Couillard's response drew a round of applause and laughs:

"I would say that freedom of expression sometimes has unintended consequences."