Record number of Quebecers register to vote out of province

A record-breaking number of Quebecers living outside the province temporarily have registered to vote in the upcoming election.

Majority of correspondence votes will come from Florida, a popoular winter destination

Quebec's 2014 election will see out-of-province votes from every continent in the world and a total 117 countries. (Canadian Press)

A record-breaking number of Quebecers living outside the province temporarily have registered to vote in the upcoming election.

A total 18,273 people have registered to vote by correspondence.

Quebec's Chief Electoral Officer Jacques Drouin said the province hasn't seen that many out-of-province voters in a general election in the past 25 years. 

According to Drouin, the majority of those people — 75 per cent — are in Florida, a popular winter vacation destination for Quebec seniors.

Among the out-of-province voters, there is representation on every continent in the world, and in 117 different countries including: 

  • More than 13,600 people in Florida.

  • 624 in France.

  • 238 in the United Kingdom.

The former record was set in 1998, when 16,606 people registered to vote by correspondence.

Quebecers are eligible to vote by correspondence if they have been living outside of Quebec for no more than two years.

Government workers stationed outside of Quebec are also eligible, without the two-year constraint. 

The deadline to apply to register to vote by mail has already passed.