Parti Québecois leader Pauline Marois says she won't participate in an English leaders' debate, even if she's allowed to speak in French.

The PQ leader's final answer has put a stop to plans for an English televised debate.

“I gave my answer to this question and I don’t have anything to add," Marois said, in response to a reporter's question on Sunday.

Invitations to the debate were sent out last week by a group of Quebec English media outlets, including CBC, CJAD, CTV, the Gazette and Global.

Marois refused, saying her English skills weren't strong enough to debate in the language. 

That's when the consortium responded with a revised format, which would have allowed Marois to speak French, with simultaneous translation.

Leaders of the three other main parties — Coalition Avenir Québec, the Quebec Liberal Party and Québec Solidaire — all said their parties would be open to participating in an English debate.