Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois says the businessman who claims he handed over an envelope containing thousands of dollars in cheques to her husband is only after revenge.

The allegations were brought forward last night by Radio-Canada's Enquête program. 

'Ask yourself the question, "Why now?"' - Pauline Marois, Parti Québécois leader

The report quotes an affidavit from a businessman, who's identity is not revealed, which states that Claude Blanchet solicited donations from two engineering executives for his wife's leadership campaign.

Blanchet’s alleged solicitation of the donations was not illegal and there is no evidence that Blanchet knew how the funds were being collected.

Marois was in Drummondville Tuesday morning, and responded to the allegations.

She denied the report, saying the businessman was likely a Liberal supporter involved in collusion.

“Ask yourself the question, 'Why now?' For me it’s clear, we are dealing with someone who’s seeking revenge,” Marois said.

“The first [bill] that we tabled and adopted in the national assembly is a law against collusion. So I think that some people are afraid of the comeback of the Parti Québécois.”

The PQ leader said she is not questioning the work of investigative reporter Alain Gravel.

However, she said her husband is considering taking legal action and a lawyer’s letter has been sent to Radio-Canada.