Pauline Marois English debate offer revised

A group of English media has sent another request the Parti Québécois leader, inviting her to participate in an English-language debate in French with simultaneous translation.

Quebec English media respond after Parti Québécois leader refuses to debate in English

Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois has refused to debate in English, saying she's not comfortable enough in the language. (The Canadian Press)

A group of English media has sent another request to Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois, inviting her to participate in an English-language debate during which she would be permitted to speak in French.

On Thursday, Marois said she wouldn't take part in an English leaders' debate, citing concerns that her English wasn't strong enough.

"I am able to speak in English and I think I improved my English, but I don’t think I will be very comfortable in a debate for explaining my specific point of view and I don’t think that will serve the Anglo Quebecers," she said.

The consortium of English media, which includes CBC News, CTV, Global, CJAD, and the Gazette, responded with a counter-offer on Friday.

"We, the consortium, have discussed the matter, and would like to offer Ms. Marois the opportunity to speak in French, with simultaneous translation, during an English debate," the request reads.

"We feel strongly that it is important English-speaking Quebecers get the opportunity to hear directly from all of the main party leaders. We think English-speaking Quebecers deserve a debate in their own language on issues that matter to them."

Yesterday, Marois said she has been able to maintain a dialogue with Quebec's anglophone population, despite any language barriers, and will continue to do so.

The leaders for the other three main political parties responded to the initial offer earlier this week. All of them said they are open to an English debate.