Parti Québécois support falters among some Laval voters

Some longtime Parti Québécois supporters in Laval are wavering in their support for Pauline Marois.

CBC's Daybreak goes to the streets to talk to voters and find out what issues are important to them

Some longtime PartiQuébécois supporters in Laval are wavering in their support for Pauline Marois, raising concerns about the party's chances at the polls.

In the 2012 election, the PQ picked up two valuable ridings in the Laval area — Laval-des-Rapides and Sainte-Rose.

But when CBC's Daybreak visited the neighbourhood this week to talk to voters, they found out that local PQ support is faltering.

Click on the audio to find out what people in the riding had to say about the 2014 Quebec election campaign.

Pierre Lorrain

Lotfi Bahloul 

Anne Boisvert