How the cabinet ministers fared

Take a look at which Parti Québéois cabinet ministers held on to their seats.
Some former PQ cabinet ministers will lose their seat in this election, CBC projects

Here is a list of the Parti Québéois cabinet ministers and how they fared in their ridings:

Abitibi-EstElizabeth LaroucheAboriginal affairsLOST
Abitibi-OuestFrançois GendronAgriculture, fisheries and foodREELECTED
BorduasPierre DuchesneHigher education, research, science and technologyLOST
BourgetMaka KottoCulture and communicationREELECTED
ChamblyBetrand St-Arnaud


Minister responsible for the administration of legislation respecting the professions

Charlevoix-Côte-de-BeaupréPauline MaroisPremierLOST
ChicoutimiStéphane Bédard

Government administration 

Chair of the Conseil du trésor

CrémazieDiane de Courcy

Immigration and cultural communities

Minister responsible for the Charter of the French language


GaspéGaétan LelièvreRegionsREELECTED
JohnsonYves-François BlanchetSustainable development, environment, wildlife and parksLOST
JolietteVéronique HivonSocial services and youth protectionREELECTED
JonquièreSylvain Gaudreault


Municipal Affairs, regions and land occupancy

LabelleSylvain PagéMinister responsible for the Laurentides regionREELECTED
Lac-St-JeanAlexandre CloutierCanadian intergovernmental affairs, the Canadian francophonie and sovereignist governanceREELECTED
Marie-VictorinBernard DrainvilleMinister responsible for democratic institutions and active citizenshipREELECTED
Matane-MatapédiaPascal BérubéTourismREELECTED
Pointe-aux-TremblesNicole LégerFamiliesREELECTED
René-LévesqueMarjolain DufourMinister responsible for the Côte-Nord regionREELECTED
RichelieuElaine ZakaibIndustrial policy and the banque de développement économique du QuébecREELECTED
RosemontJean-François Lisée

International relations, la francophonie and external trade

Minister responsible for the Montreal region

RousseauNicolas MarceauFinanceREELECTED
Saint-FrançoisRéjean Hébert

Health and social services

Minister responsible for seniors

TaschereauAgnès Maltais

Employment and social solidarity


Minister responsible for the status of women

VachonMartine OuelletNatural resourcesREELECTED
VerchèresStéphane Bergeron Public securityREELECTED