Quebec is releasing $250,000 in emergency funding for struggling food banks across the province.

Cabinet ministers in the province's Liberal government have agreed to donate $250,000 from their discretionary budgets to top up Quebec's largest food bank network.

Social Services Minister Lise Thériault confirmed the donation on Sunday.

It comes as food banks try to scrape together enough cash and food donations to meet the annual holiday demand.

Donations are down about 20 per cent this year, while demand has increased by 25 per cent, said Richard Décarie, executive director of Quebec Food Banks.

"These times, we are living in, it is very hard for food banks to cope with the demand," Décarie said.

"Usually we answer about a third of the demand, but this year, it is even harden because we see a decrease in donations."

More than 279,000 Quebecers use food banks every month, Décarie added.