Quebec Transport Minister Jacques Daoust says Uber and its drivers will have to pay their fair share of taxes if the ride-hailing service is allowed to remain in operation in the province.

Daoust said that would include back taxes on revenue generated to date since Uber arrived in Quebec.

"We're talking 300,000 transactions and that's a lot of money that should be taxed," he said, referring to figures used by Uber.

Daoust's assertion came at the start of hearings Thursday before a National Assembly committee that's looking at the future of the province's taxi industry, including ways to regulate ride-hailing services like Uber.

Daoust said he plans to request that Uber provide information on its revenues, including payments made to its drivers.

"I have the right to ask — are you ready to provide this information," he said.

Daoust said both the company and its drivers have a responsibility to declare their revenues.

The province was prepared to take legal action if necessary in order to recover unpaid taxes, Daoust said.

With files from Radio-Canada and la Presse Canadienne