The Quebec government is introducing new measures to counter bullying in schools.

Measures include:

A three-year ad campaign on television and the internet denouncing cyber-bullying and violence.

A website with tips to identify bullies, and strategies for victims.

A symbolic declaration against bullying that people can sign.

The Liberal government also plans to table anti-bullying legislation this week.

Premier Jean Charest announced the measures at a Sunday news conference in Montreal.

The message is clear, Charest said — intimidation has no place in schools, or in Quebec society.

"We need to recognize that we all have a responsibility, that it's not just about the school, it doesn't happen only between 8 in the morning, and 4 in the afternoon."

Charest was flanked by three of his ministers for the announcement: Education minister Line Beauchamp, Health minister Yves Bolduc and Public Security minister Robert Dutil.

The campaign will cost $6-million per year, not including a $1-million price tag for television and internet ads.