The Quebec government is trying to come up with ways to help newly arrived Syrian refugees learn French.

​Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil says they will have access to French lessons within 45 days of arrival.

"It's the right timing, because the first they have to do is find housing, they're settling in, they're getting their bearings in terms of the new place where they're at," she said. 

"They want to get their kids registered for school and at that point the parents are ready to register for a French-language course."

Weil made the comments after she and Education Minister François Blais met Tuesday with several refugees and community groups.

The meeting was held at Cégep de Sainte-Foy in Quebec City.

A total of 7,300 Syrian refugees are expected in the province by the end of 2016.

Montreal will house the vast majority of those newcomers.