The Quebec student roundtable, known in French as the Table de concertation étudiante du Québec (TaCEQ), said it will be attending the province's higher education summit at the end of the month.

The group, which represents about 70,000 students from Laval, McGill and Sherbrooke universities, said the student associations' participation is essential for the summit.

Paul-Émile Auger, TaCEQ's general secretary, said the roundtable would be attending the summit to share its views on the future of universities.

He said TaCEQ does not have a confrontational relationship with the government and, for the moment, does not plan to recreate last spring's student crisis.

Last week, the more militant umbrella group ASSÉ, which represents several post-secondary student unions, said it would boycott the summit on Feb. 25 and 26.

The group said it would not attend the summit because of the Parti Québécois' government stance on the feasibility of free tuition.

ASSÉ has already planned protests targeting the event and is said to be considering a strike.

Auger, on the other hand, said he hopes everyone taking part in the summit will ease up on their demands in order to make progress.