The machine pumping water out of a quarry-lake currently at the centre of a dispute will be shut off soon, says Daniel Savoie of the Quebec Environment Ministry.

Vaudreuil Mayor Guy Pilon told Daybreak Wednesday morning that between six and eight inches of water had already been drained from Lac Chérie since developer Benjamin Wygodny began pumping water out of it.

Savoie says the pump was still on as of yesterday afternoon, and the ministry sent a notice of non-conformity to the developer.

He says the ministry is now conferring with prosecutors to determine what to do next, and he expects Quebec will make the developer stop pumping by the end of the week.

The quarry was dug more than 50 years ago to serve the building of Highway 40; once the highway was completed, the quarry filled with rainwater and became a lake.

It's been used as a swimming hole by nearby residents for years and is home to birds and other wildlife.