Quebec military parents are fighting to keep their exemption permitting them to send their kids to English-language schools.

About 300 people showed up to a meeting at a school near the Valcartier military base north of Quebec City.

The Parti Québécois' proposed Bill 14 would abolish military exemption from Quebec’s language charter.

About 85 per cent of the children at the school have parents in the armed forces.

Soldier and parent Martin Huot says being able to speak both French and English is a necessity for military families.

"It's an expectation that we have to move all the time," Huot said.

"The kids have to adapt and adjust to different environments."

Still, he said he isn’t worried about Bill 14, because he’s certain the Parti Québécois will realize it doesn’t make any sense  to remove  the military exemption.

That doesn’t necessarily comfort some families, though. Paul Cormier and Carole Paquette have daughters in elementary and high school who are worried about the changes Bill 14 would usher in.

"She said, ‘Mom, if it goes through, I want to move out of Quebec,’" Paquette said of one of her daughters.

"Why put this added stress where it’s not needed?" added Cormier.