CAA Quebec is recommending drivers keep the winter tires on their vehicles even though the province's law requiring the tough-weather tires has come to an end for the season.


Quebec mechanics are waiting for the rush of drivers who want their winter tires removed. ((CBC))

Under the law that took effect this winter, all vehicles in  Quebec must be equipped with winter tires between Dec. 15 and March 15.

However, CAA Quebec spokesperson Philippe St-Pierre suggests drivers wait another month before switching to their summer wheels.

"As long as we are going to face temperatures that go down below or near below [freezing], we [could] face another snowstorm in the days to come. We never know," said St-Pierre.

Despite the grumbling last fall as drivers jockeyed for appointments to get their tires changed, many don't seem to be in a rush to change them back.

At a garage in Quebec City, owner Sebastien Laroche said he has only a handful of appointments for tire changes this week.

He expects the rush is still to come.

"The big boom, if you ask me, will come at the end of the month," said Laroche.

The Quebec Automobile Insurance Agency says it's too early to say how the law affected the number of accidents this winter.

A provincial task force on road safety has estimated that prior to the law coming into effect, more than one-third of winter accidents in Quebec were being caused by vehicles without winter tires.