The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport has announced that Quebec judo athlete Ana Laura Portuondo-Isasi has been suspended for two years following a failed drug test.

The presence of albutamol — a drug which opens up airways in the lungs — was found in a urine sample provided by Portuondo-Isasi at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Canadian Championships in May 2015. Portuondo-Isasi placed first in her category at that event.

Portuondo-Isasi did not dispute the findings of the urine test, saying she took the drug because she had asthma. She did contest being sanctioned for two years.

The centre has ruled the suspension will stand. It is retroactive to May 2015. That means she will not be allowed to compete until May 2017.

The CEGEP de Maisonneuve student was considered a Rio Olympic hopeful and was the number one judo athlete in her weight class in Canada.