A Quebec judge has dismissed several legal motions by Valery Fabrikant, the former Concordia University professor serving a life sentence for the murders of four colleagues in 1992.

The motions were part of a lawsuit Fabrikant launched before the killings.

The convicted killer is seeking a total of $600,000 for "extortion" of his documents by co-workers who he claims unfairly profited from his research.

Among the motions Quebec Superior Justice Gilles Hebert dismissed in Montrealon Wednesday were an attempt by Fabrikant to have access to defence documents and legal aid, and a bid to clear his status as a vexatious litigant.

Since his conviction in 1993, Fabrikant has developed a reputation for taxing the court system with appeals, lawsuits and other legal requests.

He was ordered to stop doing so in 2000.

Fabrikant continued his quarrelsome behaviour in court Wednesday, making several demands, including one for a larger table.