Quebec gravel quarry search halted due to high winds

Police say crews will continue their seach for two missing people believed to be buried at a quarry in L'Epiphanie, Que., as soon as the winds calm down.

2 workers L'Epiphanie facility believed to be buried

Strong winds have forced search-and-rescue teams to suspend their efforts at a quarry in L'Épiphanie, Que., where two people are believed to be buried underneath rubble. 3:36

Strong winds have forced crews to suspend their search at a quarry in L'Épiphanie, Que., where two people are believed to have been buried underneath rubble for more than 48 hours.

On Tuesday, three workers fell into the large gravel quarry 50 kilometres north of Montreal after a landslide hit two trucks and a loader and buried them at the bottom of the pit. One man who only suffered minor injuries was rescued by helicopter.

Strong gusts of wind have made it too dangerous to operate the rescue helicopter and crane that crews have been using to search for a man and a woman who are still missing.

Overnight, teams installed a platform for a large crane that is twice as powerful as one used on Wednesday.

The crane will be used to lower equipment into the pit to help firefighters at the bottom dig through the rubble.

Repentigny police Sgt. Bruno Marier said emergency workers are anxious to return to the search.

"Everyone wants to go down and start digging …but we don't want to jeapordize anyone else's lives," Marier said. 

He said experts are monitoring the wind conditions and the search-and-rescue crews will resume their work as soon as the winds calm down.