The Parti Québécois is protesting the expected passage of federal legislation to abolish the long gun registry.

Leader Pauline Marois began question period in the national assembly by somberly reading off the names of the 14 women gunned down at Montreal's École Polytechnique in 1989.

Marois says she's hearing Conservative MPs will celebrate their expected victory Wednesday like it was a hockey match.

She calls that "shameful, disgusting and revolting."

The PQ leader is pressing the provincial government to clarify what it intends to do to ensure better gun control on what she calls "our territory" of Quebec.

Public Safety Minister Robert Dutil says he agrees that the idea of celebrating the federal legislation is "entirely inappropriate."

He also says that the moment the bill receives royal assent, the province will file a lawsuit to stop Quebec's registry data from being destroyed.

The federal legislation calls for the destruction of all records gathered since the registry was created by the former Liberal government.