Two Quebec homeowners have been ticketed for renting out rooms to tourists without a permit.

Renting out private houses and apartments has become increasingly popular, thanks to fast-growing websites like Airbnb that help tourists find short-term accommodation in homes and apartments around the world.

Quebec’s hotel industry says the new trend is cutting into their members' profits. After months of pressure from the industry, the Quebec government appears to be cracking down.

The ticketed homeowners — one in Quebec City and one in Lévis — could face fines ranging between $750 and $2,250 for each day they rented out rooms.

"It’s a worrying trend…We should be thinking about protecting the hotel industry and preventing tax evasion," said Quebec Tourism Minister Pascal Bérubé in June.

"But, at the same time, we have to realize that people want to travel in different ways."

A representative for the association of hotels in the region of Quebec (AHRQ) says she is glad to see concrete action being taken against unregistered hotels.

"For us, this is just the beginning. We will see where this will go," said Michelle Doré, head of the l'AHRQ.

According to Radio-Canada, CBC’s French service, some 30 cases of unregistered home rentals are being looked into on a municipal level, in Quebec City.