Montreal residents Lucille Therrien and her husband Arthur travelled to Switzerland last October so that he could legally get help to die, and his wish was fulfilled.

The couple went overseas because Arthur, who had a terminal illness, wanted access to medically assisted suicide to end his pain and suffering, and medically assisted suicide isn't yet legal in Canada.

Lucille Therrien wishes she and her husband had the option of staying home, so that they would have more time together. Had they waited, they might have had their wishes realized, because Quebec has introduced a bill that would make medically assisted suicide legal in the province.

Quebec doctors who oppose the proposed legislation, however, are speaking out against the government’s plans.

David Bacon, a medical resident in Quebec, said if the bill passes at the Quebec national assembly in the fall, he wouldn’t comply with it, even if it meant risking losing his medical licence.

Watch this report by CBC's Sean Henry’s in Montreal to learn more about the debate on Quebec’s proposed end-of-life law.