It’s turning into a rough year for Quebec’s corn farmers, who are dealing with late crops and lower prices for their produce thanks to bumper yields in the United States.

Farmer Antoine Sabourin said it was a tough spring, with its low temperatures and rain.

He got the seed in the ground late this year, though he says the corn is growing well despite the delay.

However, he still expects a 25 per cent reduction in his corn yield for this year.

The other big problem, Sabourin said, is the price of American corn.

The United States produces the most corn in the world and its farmers are having a banner year.

That excess in supply is driving the price of corn down in Canada and elsewhere, meaning Sabourin is getting less for the corn he supplies for ethanol production and animal feed.

“That means you have to follow more seriously your cash flow. It will have a serious impact that's for sure,” Sabourin told CBC News.

Sabourin, however, is keeping the situation in perspective.

He said it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before in his 30 years of farming.

"We have to live with that it's part of the game,” he said.

“It was not easy most of the time but I've passed really good years. I'm happy to have been a farmer."