A 7-year-old girl from Quebec City has won first prize in a national writing contest.

Amélie Boucher's poem about flowers, titled Les fleurs, snagged her the first prize in the kindergarten to grade 2 category of the Pan-Canadian Literary Creative Braille Contest, organized by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

Amélie was born completely blind in Vietnam. She was adopted by a couple in Quebec, who are also both partly blind.

After her arrival here, Amélie underwent several surgeries, including a corneal transplant in order to improve her quality of life.

However, the gains were temporary and her eyesight has since deteriorated.

"I can't see out of one eye, but I can see a bit out the other. I can't read with my eyes, I read with my fingers," she said.

Amélie Boucher

In addition to being a prize-winning poet, Amélie can play the violin, piano and flute. (Radio-Canada)

A sense of belonging

At school, Amélie walks with a white cane, and she has a resource teacher and a special educator to teach her braille.

Her prize-winning poem was written in braille and came with a cash prize of $75.

Amelié Boucher

Amélie holds the certificate she received for winning a national writing contest, flanked by her mother, Véonique Vézina to the left, and Marie-Camille Blais, general director of the the Canadian National Institute for the Blind's Quebec chapter. (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)

"I didn't know I was going to win, but when I found out, I was happy," she said.

Her mother Véronique Vézina said that the honour has allowed her daughter to feel a sense of belonging. 

"She often asks 'Why aren't there any kids like me at school?' So when she participated in this contest, she felt like she was participating in something with kids who, like her,  are visually impaired," she said.

"We're very proud of her."

Les fleurs, by Amélie Boucher

Oh! la belle marguerite,

elle mérite

que je la protège des bibittes.

Quelle jolie rose !

Il faut que je l'arrose

pour qu'elle se repose.

Le soleil brille.

Surprise !

Il sort une délicate jonquille.

Où est ma violette ?

Elle joue à la cachette

derrière ses lunettes.

Ola !

Voici le lilas.

Le printemps est là.

Voici ma préférée,

la magnifique pensée

en train de se balancer.

Toutes ces fleurs dans

mon coeur

m'inspire le bonheur.

with files from Radio-Canada's Nicole Germain