Quebec City is offering Montreal a one-of-a-kind gift for its 375th anniversary: four aluminum columns topped by bronze statues of teenagers wearing T-shirts.

The artwork by Jean-Robert Drouillard is meant to highlight the historical ties between the cities and will be a key part of a new Montreal park on the corner of Pie-IX Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street. 

The numbers on the back of the jerseys represent key moments in Quebec history: 

  • 1608 for the founding of Quebec City.
  • 1642 for the founding of Montreal.
  • 1976 for the Montreal Olympic Games.
  • 2017 for Montreal's 375th anniversary.

The number on the back of each T-shirt represents a key moment in Quebec history. (Quebec City)

Each column is roughly five metres high and features imagery of an animal or vegetable of the region.

The artwork will cost Quebec City $225,000 and be unveiled next spring.

Julie Lemieux, vice-president of Quebec City's executive committee, said the gift integrates "nature, history and culture." 

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre told reporters Friday the gift shows the cities have a strong connection and a long history of cooperation.