Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume said he would consider going back to the Quebec union of municipalities now that Laval's mayor has resigned.

"What happened in Laval really hurt Quebec politics and has done so for years," said Labeaume. "I will not miss it."

During an interview following an $8.5 million investment for the construction of a gym in Charlesbourg on Saturday, Labeaume told reporters he left the UMQ two years ago because of ethical issues within the municipal umbrella group.

At the time, Vaillancourt was accused of bribing candidates running in Laval with illegal campaign donations, but the allegations were never proven.

Marc Gascon, Mayor of Saint-Jérôme, stepped down amid similar allegations and pressure from fellow UMQ members to resign.

"He's a man who took a lot, a lot of place. If I left, it's most likely because of him. I couldn't do it, he was controlling too much and it was unhealthy," said Labeaume.

In 2010, Westmount Mayor Peter Trent told reporters he would consider returning to the umbrella group if Vaillancourt and Gascon left the committee.

Gascon stayed at the UMQ as a member.

The embattled Laval mayor stepped down Friday in light of a slew of allegations made before the province's corruption inquiry.

Vaillancourt announced in late October he was taking a leave of absence from the Laval city council and temporarily leaving the UMQ.