Quebe'c top language authority is recommending open access to English-language colleges across the province.

Opposition Parti Québécois has pushed for stricter limits on English CÉGEP eligibility, to encourage more students to study in French beyond high school.

The political party believes the French language is under threat  in Quebec, and that the growing number of English-language CÉGEP students is part of the problem.

But on Tuesday, Quebec's language authority – The Conseil supérieur de la langue française – issued a notice recommending the government maintain the status quo.

CÉGEP students should continue to have the choice to study in French or English, council president Conrad Ouellon said.

Under Quebec's Bill 101, most students must attend elementary and high school in French.

Quebec's high school system goes to Grade 11. Students must complete a college-level CÉGEP program in order to pursue university studies.