Quebec's environment ministry will take over an illegal PCB storage site in Pointe-Claire tomorrow morning after the owners failed to make sure the toxic chemicals are properly removed.

The ministry had given the company that owns the site on Montreal's West Island, Reliance Power Equipment, until Friday to prove it was properly storing PCB-laden oil.

Ministry inspectors visited the site on the weekend and found the oil still not properly stored.

Pointe-Claire PCBs

Transformers containing oil with high concentrations of PCBs leaked between 800-1,200 litres of the oily liquid onto the West Island site in March.

Environment Minister Yves-François Blanchet and a team of ministry specialists will be at the company's facility tomorrow morning to take over the storage site.

Meanwhile, Reliance Power Equipment said it will likely not be able to pay the cost of cleaning up the toxic material stored at its Pointe-Claire property.

The company's consultant, Harry Baikowitz, said the clean up will likely cost around $7 million, much more than initial estimates.

On March 26, more than 1,000 litres of oil and oily water with a high concentration of PCBs spilled on the site.

Although it received several notices of non-compliance from the ministry, the company did not clean up or remove the materials.