Stray cats found with serious burns in St-Jérôme have a group of residents demanding answers from local police.

On Sunday, a few dozen people held a demonstration outside the police station asking for a thorough investigation into the case.

Johanne Bernier was horrified when Ti Loup was dropped off at her Laval animal shelter.

“He was all burned on his whole body and even in his mouth,” she said.

It’s the third cat with serious burns she’s seen in the last five months.

Bernier said all three cats were found by a woman in the St-Jérôme area who believes hot oil was thrown on the strays by one of her neighbours.

She said it’s important that police find the perpetrator and hold him or her responsible. Bernier said police promised her they would open an investigation.

“We want that they take it seriously because it’s a life. It’s only a cat, people will say, but it’s a life,” Bernier said.

Ti Loup is expected to recover from his burns, although most of his teeth needed to be removed as a result of the burns to his mouth.

Bernier said an adoptive family is waiting for him while he convalesces. She said the other two, who are at different shelters, have also found adoptive homes.