Eight months ahead of the next municipal election, Projet Montréal has pledged it will limit its campaign spending to $750,000, about one third of the current $2.2 million limit.

Concordia University political scientist professor Bruce Hicks says the self-imposed spending cap is a step in the right direction.

"It also gets you out in front by saying ‘we will be the clean party, the party that will only take small donations, we're going to get out candidates working on the local level as opposed to big fundraisers and big events.," Hicks said.

Projet Montréal leader Richard Bergeron, who co-founded the party in 2004, says it’s still the same grassroots party today.

"You don't have to invest millions to convince the population that you should be the next administration," Bergeron said.

Projet Montréal expects to unveil between 30 and 40 of its candidates by the start of the summer to show voters what kind of team the party plans to build.

"We want the population in each of Montreal’s boroughs to get to know their future elected officials," Bergeron said.