Preliminary hearing for Gilles Vaillancourt set for April 2015

The preliminary hearing for former Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt and his 35 co-accused is set to begin April 7, 2015.

36 people arrested in anti-corruption sweep last May on fraud-related charges

Former Laval mayor, Gilles Vaillancourt, heads to court in Laval on Wednesday. (CBC)

The preliminary hearing for former Laval mayor GillesVaillancourt and his 35 co-accused is set to begin April 7, 2015.

The decision was made today, at the Laval courthouse before Judge François Landry.

Narrowing down a date was a accomplishment in itself, given the number of people involved in the trial.

Between now and the preliminary hearing, defence lawyers will be kept busy — there are thousands of documents of evidence to comb through.

The preliminary hearing is expected to last eight weeks. The first four weeks will be devote to hearing the prosecution's primary witnesses. 

A total of 37 people, including Vaillancourt, were arrested in May 2013, in a province-wide operation carried about by Quebec's anti-corruption unit, UPAC.

List of the 37 accused:

  • Jean Bertrand, lawyer
  • Pierre Lambert, lawyer
  • Robert Talbot, lawyer
  • Claude Asselin, former general director - City of Laval 
  • Claude Deguise, former director of engineering - City of Laval
  • Gilles Vaillancourt, former mayor - City of Laval
  • Jean Gauthier, notary
  • Antonio Accurso, entrepreneur
  • Normand Bédard, entrepreneur
  • (deceased) Robert Cloutier, entrepreneur
  • Guy Desjardins, entrepreneur
  • Mario Desrochers, entrepreneur
  • Gluliano Glullani, entrepreneur
  • Carl Ladouceur, entrepreneur
  • Lyan Lavallée, entrepreneur
  • Patrick Lavallée, entrepreneur
  • Daniel Lavallée, entrepreneur
  • Marc LeFrançois, entrepreneur
  • Luc Lemay, entrepreneur
  • Ronnie Mergl, entrepreneur
  • Anthony Mergl, entrepreneur
  • Mike Mergl, entrepreneur
  • Joseph Molluso, entrepreneur
  • Leonardo Moscato, entrepreneur
  • Valmont Nadon, entrepreneur
  • Guy Vaillancourt, entrepreneur
  • Jocelyn Dufresne, entrepreneur
  • Yannick Bouchard, engineering firm
  • Serge Duplessis, engineering firm
  • Louis Farley, engineering firm
  • Alain Filiatrault, engineering firm
  • Laval Gagnon, engineering firm
  • Guy Jobin, engineering firm
  • François Perreault, engineering firm
  • Rosaire Sauriol, engineering firm
  • Yves Théberge, engineering firm

One of the individuals arrested - Robert Cloutier - has died.